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Bug fix release 8.0.10 and 8.0.11

21 October 2016

A few miscellaneous bugs have been fixed in release 8.0.10 and then a few more in 8.0.11.  Thes include; 

Release 8.0.11 October 2016

• Fixed problem with wrong label shown for single number rating in printout.
• Fixed problem with Notes not being stored and recalled properly.
• Added critical frequency and surface mass to print out
• Fixed problem with “Floor” giving floating point error when using default materials

Release 8.0.10 September 2016

• Fixed problem with orthotropic materials when , is the decimal separator.
• Updated the materials lists
• Added warning message about mixing non-isotropic layers.
• Changed algorithms so that the abrupt transition in mid frequencies when connecting materials of widely different critical frequency is removed or reduced.
• For double masonry panels prevent timber or steel studs inducing panel modes.
• Added an input field into Settings so that the user can enter the Company name (which can be lost after updates)
• Fixed error when calculating TL of thin porous materials (TL at low frequencies was set to 0 dB which was not correct)
• User lists (materials, profiles, glazing, floor covers and porous absorbers) include regional sensitivity and can now be filtered by region, similar to Insul lists
• Updated list items counter
• Minor updates to the Material's Editor interface and functions to improve usability