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Release 9.0.8

16 February 2018

The latest release of INSUL is announced.  This is version 9.0.8 and has the following improvements and bug fixes.

Release 9.0.8 February 2018

* Added some decimal places to English units display.
* fixed crashing when selecting Mini-orb roofing
* In Outdoor to Indoor calculator fixed mucked up grid when switching between octave and 1/3 octave
* Added 28mm Furring Channel (Australian and New Zealand connections lists)
* fixed problem in SonArchitect export for glazing
* Added Israel as a region
* add check box to force cavity width to remain constant (stud sizes adjust to maintain cavity width)
* Partition dimensions now showing in OSX
* Altered colour of buttons etc to make selections easier to see
* improvements to Glazing section (add check box for double sash windows, improved triple glazing algorithms for ......)
* Added CertainTeed materials
* Made most woods orthotropic.
* Printing function added to the Materials Editor
* Undo and Redo functions added to the Materials Editor
* Undo and Redo functions added to the Composite TL Calculator
* Added an underlay selection box to the Materials Editor Floor Covers tab
* Updated Composite TL Calculator to better handle very small element areas
* 'All regions' searching option added to the Materials Editor search window
* Revised styling for buttons on the main INSUL window, including options in the View menu to change Style and layout
* Revised styling for the Materials Editor search window, using expander lists
* Updating Materials Editor form size for improved display on Surface Pros
* Add STC/Rw single panel rating to Properties display.
* Can now select and show a frame for a single panel, useful for getting the illustration more correct in some situations
* As a consequence of last item we have changed the way you add a porous facing, now added in Frame 1 (no longer on the porous page).