Recent News

Release 9.0.4

21 July 2017

This new release contains a number of minor bug fixes, and a few minor improvements and a few new materials.  It is recommended that all INSUL users update.  This can be done by downloading the update from the download page on this site.

Release 9.0.4 July 2017

* Fix left axis title on graph for impact calcs (show correct label)
* Don’t show flanking curve when not appropriate
* Store and recall setting of dBA,NC,PNC or NR
* Improved accuracy for strapped and lined walls
* Added Akustik mounts (ceiling and floor)
* Made key update function work
* Enabled SONarchitect export.
* Fixed display of wrong frequency range for Ctr
* Removed DnT,w from printout.
* Added floor cover description to print out
* Added a few properties to line at bottom of screen.
* Fix bug that changed cavity width after closing settings form (apparently changed STC/Rw when changing eg Room Volume)
* Get Update function working again (from this update onwards)
* Fix minor bugs with Materials Editor search function
* Added legend to Materials Editor Floor Cover chart
* Updated handling of Batten and Cradle constructions for Floor calculations
* Spanish translation of main form (other forms still to come).