Recent News

Release 9.0.5

25 August 2017

This new release contains a number of minor bug fixes, and a few minor improvements and a few new materials.  It is recommended that all INSUL users update.  This can be done by downloading the update from the download page on this site.

Release 9.0.5 August 2017

* Added 2 D illustrations as an option instead of 3 D
* Fixed up setting for show or no show flanking on graph.
* Fixed autoscale so it is a bit more logical.
* fixed logo display (aspect ratio of logo is preserved.)
* Outdoor calculator various small improvements (descriptions as graph legends, graph on printout, improved grid behaviour)
* added a line to the Outdoor to Indoor calculator for including an arbitary insertion loss (could be used for shielding or screening for instance)
* Added Stucco to USA materials list, Custom Orb and fibre cement to Australian list, USG Structo Concrete
* fixed some issues with auralisation
* fixed floor infill poking through floor if too thick. Showed display of 2nd blanket in floors.
* completed most everything for the French translation.
* small improvements to the Materials Editor.
* Added Chilean materials
* tidy up some flooring material data
* French translation improved.