Share your INSUL predictions...

29 September 2022
Insul Export

With the release of INSUL9.0.24, INSUL includes new options for sharing sound insulation predictions with CadnaB and SoundPLAN. 

These new features support INSUL's existing export option for SonArchitect.

For each export option, the information exported from INSUL includes not only sound reduction data but also supporting information such as a description of the wall or floor system being exported, details of material thickness and density and in some cases an image of the exported system.

  • CadnaB 2022 Option Pro includes a feature to import the xml file that is created using the new INSUL export option.

  • SonArchitect can import the xml file that is created using the INSUL export option

  • From SoundPLAN version 9, SoundPLAN will include an option to paste sound insulation data that INSUL's export feature can copy to clipboard.