Release 10.0.4

12 June 2024

INSUL Release 10.0.4, June 2024, is now available.  

Notable updates include: 

  • Lists: New solid concrete block materials (UK)
  • Lists: Gyproc GEE 13 Ergolite and XR Acoustic Steel Studs (Sweden)
  • Lists: A range of new Kinetics Noise Control mounts and hangers (US, Canada, HK, China)
  • Lists: Renaming plasterboard items for Siniat Australia
  • Lists: New masonry wall tie types (Butterfly, Double Triangle, UK ADE Type A)

  • Algorithms: Revised handling of stud spacing resonances
  • Algorithms: New routines for cavities without infill
  • Algorithms: Revised infill model in low frequency region
  • Algorithms: Updated setup for light steel grid frame

  • UI: Added splitter to Description box
  • Save: Illustration can be copied or saved to file
  • Save: Chart can be copied or saved to file
  • Export: Added 63 Hz octave band to SoundPLAN export

The update can be downloaded here.

If you would like to learn more about any of these updates, please contact your local distribtuor.